Birthdays: Negative and Positive

Birthdays are a time to celebrate. They are a time to enjoy another year with loved ones. They are a time to reflect, which can be difficult.

I had a birthday a few days ago—another trip around the sun and another year older. The funny thing is, I am not that old. I just turned 25.

A birthday is something to celebrate. That goes double after you had an injury that threatened your life. It is crucial to remember it is a time for celebration.

It is time for your friends and family to acknowledge and be thankful that they still have years with you. It is a time to celebrate with your loved ones.

Birthdays: There is a dark side

There is a darker side to having a birthday. It signifies that you are another year older. This current birthday has been a difficult one for me.

25. A quarter-century. Birthdays are an excellent time to reflect on what you have done with your time on earth. I can almost guarantee that when you were younger, you had an image of where you would be at the age you become.

When I was younger, 25 was far away. I was going to have my dream job, have a loving husband, and starting a family of my own.

Spoiler alert, I have none of that. I must find peace that life does not turn out the way we plan it at times. I talked in an earlier post about timelines. I know that sometime down the road I will get everything I want; it just will take me longer to get there—just like everything else in my life.

It is essential when you get in this funk; I am in to dig yourself out of it fast. It would be best if you didn’t dwell on what you have yet to accomplish especially on birthdays.

I try to think of what I have accomplished. I tend to think of these accomplishments, but you can write them down and keep the list somewhere. Then, when you get into the funk, pull out the list.

Acknowledgment of accomplishments is especially crucial for people with brain injuries, even if it isn’t your birthday. Remember, everything you accomplish is a big feat and should be celebrated. Try to remember all the hard work you put into what you have done.

If you have yet to read my story, please click here to read it. My birthday is also the anniversary on my injury.

Self-love: It is time to end the hatred

It is easy to focus on your flaws. It is more difficult to partake in self-love. This post is about how I began my journey.

In honor of Valentine’s day coming up, I figure it would be a good idea to talk about self-love. Sometimes loving yourself for who you are is difficult.

It is easy to see all your flaws, but it is essential to realize that the people you are around don’t see your flaws the way you do. Imperfections can be many when you are dealing with a brain injury.

If I give you a minute to write down all your flaws, how long will the list be? If I give you a minute to make a list of things you love about yourself, will the list be shorter or longer?

Usually, the love list is shorter, and that is an okay start on the self-love journey. The important thing is you find stuff you love about yourself. If there is nothing, start small.

I am not thrilled with my weight and my current life situation. I do like the color of my hair and how passionate I can become about a task.

Self-love Journey

The things you love about yourself don’t have to be physical. You can like something about your personality.

It is easy to get down on yourself. It isn’t an effortless task to improve your life if there is nothing positive you can say about yourself.

To begin my self-love journey, I challenged myself to pick five things I like about myself. Keep this list around for when you are feeling down about yourself. Read the list and remember that there are things to love about yourself.

When you are feeling down about yourself, remember you can always change what you don’t like.

The practice of self-love promotes self-confidence. The more self-confidence you have, the more comfortable you are in your own skin, and it may get rid of some self-hatred.

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