Great Resignation: A Turning Point

The great resignation can be a turning point for the American workforce. This change may be able to benefit people with brain injuries.

Since the pandemic, the workforce has changed. Everyone is realizing that they can work from home in certain professions. Many people have heard about this thing called the great resignation.

The workers want these changes, but the companies they work for are running behind schedule. This is creating people wanting to quit.

People want flexibility and the luxury of working from home. This has the potential to create a better work-life balance. That is the crux of this problem. The idea that we must work our lives away is awful.

The lack of work-life balance in America creates mental health problems for the workforce. Now that workers have been able to take a step back, they have come to realize that prioritizing mental health is vital to a good life.

Increased flexibility would allow for more free time in life and take a mental health day when needed.

Great Resignation: Revamp

The work-life in America needs a revamp. The ability to take a mental health day needs to be the norm. I have personally felt it. I lied and said that I had a few appointments one day so that I could take the day off.

Workers have made it clear that these kinds of changes are necessary. Companies now need to realize that workers will come back if these changes are made.

Work flexibility doesn’t have to mean a lack of productivity; in fact, other countries with a shorter workweek have shown that employees are more productive than a typical forty-hour workweek.

Great Resgination: A plus for Brain Injuries

If changes are actually made, this may benefit people with brain injuries. Some people can’t work due to their injury because it is too overwhelming and exhausting.

When the work environment becomes more relaxed and/or the week gets shorter, people with brain injuries may be able to reenter the workforce.

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