Life: Is it over after a Brain Injury

Life is not easy after sustaining a brain injury. It takes time to adjust to your new way of life. Negativity does not help this adjustment.

Just because you sustained a brain injury doesn’t mean your life is over. Brain injuries suck. They are not fun and change your how you live forever. It is not easy to accept but it needs to be accepted.

It is okay to be sad about your situation. Take some time and acknowledge that your day to day living will be different. You can even make a “my life is different because” list.

Go ahead, make of list all the ways your life will change because of your injury. Make two copies and rip one up if it will make you feel better. Get your frustration out somehow.

Like I said before, it is okay to be sad or angry. The thing to remember is that your life isn’t over. It will continue but it will be different.

Life: Time to Adjust

Life after a brain injury will take some adjustment. The normal things you used to do may require alterations. Somethings you used to do; you may not be able to do them. Maybe in time you will be able to or maybe not. Time will tell.

I am here to tell you that things will get better in your life. Even if you can’t do the hobby you once loved.

With time, you will find a new hobby. Take this transition time in your life to explore new hobbies that you can do and might enjoy.

In time, you will find a way to enjoy your new life. Your new normal will be found. You may find that you can return to your previous hobby in time.

If you can’t, it is important to not dwell on your past life. You need to move on and find activities you enjoy doing.

You can’t live the life you used to have so why not live a new way, you are lucky to be alive and have this chance to continue living. Go out and enjoy it!

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