Neuro Testing

Testing can assist the recovery process. It will show what areas need to be worked on the most.

When I was younger, I needed to go through some significant testing. These tests required me to do different tasks to show how I was able to handle them.

The way it was described to me was that I had to prove that I had a brain injury. This didn’t make much sense to me, I am who I am.

I was told it was essential to get these results because it would assist how I can perform in school. It turns out that it did.

Even after all the testing, I went through, the prognosis was not very good. I was not supposed to be able to read at grade level, and there were questions about if I would end up going to college.

Now I have a college degree, and I have just finished my first week at my first full-time job. It is essential to keep pushing. It was not an enjoyable experience getting tested but it was worth it and I am glad I was forced to do it.

Doctors will make predictions about outcomes and the future. The brain is a mysterious thing. It will change. Results will vary if you are willing to work through the difficulties your outcome will change.