Schedule: Find normalcy during quarantine.

With the current stay at home orders, happening, schedules have changed. It is important to keep a sense of normalcy in a world of uncertainty.


As I mentioned in my earlier post, our lives and schedules have abruptly changed. Our daily routines look different. It is essential to find some sense of normalcy in your everyday life.

The idea is to work from home. For some, this can be difficult. There are many more distractions around. There is a chance that productivity can decrease.

I have found that sticking to a schedule or close to a schedule keeps me productive. If I schedule my day correctly, I can complete everything I need to do and still have time for leisure activities.

I start with a consistent wake-up time. I find that with a regular wake up time, I can plan out my day, so I know my day won’t be wasted because I slept in too long.

After I wake up, I go through my morning routine (which I will discuss in a later post). I eat breakfast and then figure out what I need to do that day. I am in school, so at the beginning of the week, I decide what needs to be done each day.

Schedule during the day

Based on the amount of work I need to get done that day, I decide when I will take a walk or do household chores. I have found that I work best when I break the homework with the housework.

Before any work begins, I shower and get dressed. It puts me in the mindset of working. I also move down to the dining room. Wherever I move to, I get off my bed.

Throughout the day, I do my homework and my schoolwork. I put my phone on silent, so I don’t have the distraction of people trying to communicate with me.

I have found an app that has made my schedule does work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. After doing 2 hours of this, I take a 15-minute break. This has proven to work for me. But you need to find a routine that makes for you.

At the end of the day, around dinner, I change into comfortable clothes and do what I feel like doing. The only scheduled thing about my night is when I go to bed. Going to bed at a consistent time allows me to wake up and not be tired.

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