Mental Health: How to Stay Fit

With everything that happened last year, mental health is important to stay on top of. In this post, I offer ways I stay mentally ‘fit’.

Mental Health is vital to a healthy life. This past year has highlighted that there are many crises, and it needs to be addressed.

It is important that if you are having an emergency or in danger, get help immediately. While there is a need to stay healthy physically, your mind needs attention too.

With the COVID pandemic, our lives have drastically changed. This can lead to anxiety or depression. If you already feel anxious or depressed, get help.

There are ways to keep your mental health in check before you get anxious and depressed. These tips are things you can do every day that will not take too much time.

Mental Health Tips

Your health is important. The first tip is to get outside and get sunlight. Fresh air can clear your mind and mitigate stress. Sunlight provides you with vitamin D, which can reduce depression while regulating your mood.

While outside, do something physical. Being active can also curb depression. When one is active during the day, they get a better night’s sleep. This gives you more energy so that you can be active during the day.

I try to reach out to a friend or family member every day. Just because I cannot spend time with them, I can still talk to them and check in with them. This reminds me that I am not alone in the world.

Another thing I try to do every day is take a shower and get dressed. This gets me ready to be productive during the day. If I stay in my pajamas all day, I tend to think that I don’t have anything to do that day.

All of these are good to do and incorporate into your day. It is important to acknowledge that there are days where getting out of bed is your achievement for the day. That is okay.

It is super important to remember that if you are having an emergency, call 911 or an emergency helpline to get the help you need.

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