School: Struggling in Class

We all have that one subject in school that we struggle with the most. It is frustrating, but we can survive it. Ask for help.

We all have that subject in school that is difficult or not fun. It is the class we dread going to and the one we find difficult to understand. It is the homework that requires the most time and it the least enjoyable.

For me, this subject in school was math. I had to work extra hard to be successful in it. It was exhausting, and I had to spend more time than other students.

Math was a challenging experience, and I did not enjoy it. I felt like I was being left behind every day. I began to ask for help because I felt like I was drowning. Asking for help is not easy for everyone, but sometimes, to make life easier, you have to do the tricky thing of asking for help.

The first step to change this is recognizing when you need help. It is okay to ask for help, and it is vital to ask for help when needed. It is okay to try to succeed on your own, but the key is understanding when you can’t do it alone.

The important thing is to remember that you are doing your best. Give yourself grace. Everyone struggles with something, whether it is a subject in school, a sport, or something else. It is a sad result of being human.

Everything becomes worse and more complicated the more tired I get. In high school and middle school, I knew that if I did not do my math homework before dinner or immediately after. If I didn’t stick to this schedule, my math homework would end up in tears. I suggest working on it early until your struggle becomes easier to handle or fun.

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