Therapy: Make Time for Yourself

Therapy is a healthy part of your life. The world is crazy and personal life doesn’t take a break. It’s beneficial to have someone to talk to

Therapy tends to get a bad rap. When people hear that someone is going to therapy, they immediately go to something is wrong with them.

The world is a crazy, unpredictable place. It can feel overwhelming. On top of what is happening in the public world, things are going on in your personal life.

No Shame in going to Therapy

There is no shame in needing extra help to navigate what is going on in life. I always turn to my friends and family, but there are also times when I want someone’s opinion who is completely removed.

It can be beneficial to hear an opinion from someone who has no relation to what is happening in life. Therapy can offer a different and new perspective.

The therapist could provide a piece to the puzzle you have been missing.
I felt at the time that therapy is a nuisance. “I have so much to do, and I don’t have time to sit and talk about my feelings to someone.” It is okay to feel. I am sure everyone could have these thoughts at times.

Choosing Yourself

I have found that when I have those thoughts, that is probably when I need it the most. It requires discipline. Discipline when you need it the most can be the most difficult.

It is worth it. I view taking the time to go to therapy as choosing yourself. When you choose yourself, you will be happier in life.

We all have feelings, and some of the feelings take time to process. We are all just trying to live the best life we can live. If for you that means going to therapy, do it!

Even when life is good, keep going. If you keep going to therapy even when you feel like you don’t need it, when something does come up, you already have an appointment. You can process things as they come up, and you don’t have to wait for the next available appointment.

Therapy is suitable for everyone. There is no shame in talking to someone; it is a healthy choice. Choose yourself.

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Self-love: It is time to end the hatred

It is easy to focus on your flaws. It is more difficult to partake in self-love. This post is about how I began my journey.

In honor of Valentine’s day coming up, I figure it would be a good idea to talk about self-love. Sometimes loving yourself for who you are is difficult.

It is easy to see all your flaws, but it is essential to realize that the people you are around don’t see your flaws the way you do. Imperfections can be many when you are dealing with a brain injury.

If I give you a minute to write down all your flaws, how long will the list be? If I give you a minute to make a list of things you love about yourself, will the list be shorter or longer?

Usually, the love list is shorter, and that is an okay start on the self-love journey. The important thing is you find stuff you love about yourself. If there is nothing, start small.

I am not thrilled with my weight and my current life situation. I do like the color of my hair and how passionate I can become about a task.

Self-love Journey

The things you love about yourself don’t have to be physical. You can like something about your personality.

It is easy to get down on yourself. It isn’t an effortless task to improve your life if there is nothing positive you can say about yourself.

To begin my self-love journey, I challenged myself to pick five things I like about myself. Keep this list around for when you are feeling down about yourself. Read the list and remember that there are things to love about yourself.

When you are feeling down about yourself, remember you can always change what you don’t like.

The practice of self-love promotes self-confidence. The more self-confidence you have, the more comfortable you are in your own skin, and it may get rid of some self-hatred.

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