New Experiences

New experiences can be scary and cause anxiety. Anxiety can stop you from gaining these new experiences. There are ways to try new things.


When starting new experiences, it is normal to be anxious about them. This is a nerve-wracking process. If you weren’t nervous, there is something to worry about. This is okay.

The unknown is scary. If you genuinely feel anxious about it, there are a few things to ponder. How much do you really want to try this new experience. Hopefully, the answer is you would like to try this new thing.

It can be easy to decide not to try something new because of anxiety. I have decided not to do things or try experiences because I let my fear get the best of me, but I will never know if those experiences would have been great or if I would have decided they weren’t for me.

I have done new things. They have turned out great. I have learned that taking the first step is the most challenging part. Once you have handled this first step, it only gets easier.


Anxiety about starting something, my fear stems from the unknown. After taking the first step, less of an unknown factor is involved. However, this does not entirely relieve the anxiety.

Once the first step is taken, it is essential to remember that it will get easier. Slow and steady; there is no need to jump into it all at once. Just continue taking this new experience one step at a time.

You need to remember one more thing when embarking on a new experience. At any time in this process, it is okay to decide that this new endeavor is not for you. Just because you tried doesn’t mean you are committed to doing it for the rest of your life. Be proud that you tried something new.

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