Past: What We Want to Change

We all have things we want to change from our past. But things happen for a reason and these events help us become who we are.


Everyone has something in their past they would like to change. For a while, I wished I had never gotten my brain injury. I believed that my life would be easier if I did not have an injury to deal with. This event is what I wanted to change about my past.

I firmly believe that my injury is not what I want to change. It has made me who I am, the reason I am writing this right now, and it has given me strengths I may not have had if I did not have a brain injury.

Now, when I ponder what in your past you would change, I think of the tiny decisions I have made. I have become a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened has helped me get to where I am now.

What to Change the Past

While everything happens for a reason, it is okay to still have things in life that you want to change. Do not get mad at yourself when you are getting down on yourself for a mistake or something you would do differently. I believe it is only normal.

Allow yourself to feel the way you feel. Acknowledge your feelings and think about what you would want to do differently. We all have these feelings. I know saying it’s normal does not help, but it is. Sometimes they will change, and you will make peace with what happened.

The important thing is to be okay with what happened at some point. It will take time, and that is okay. It took me 20 or so years to accept that my brain injury allowed me to become who I am today.

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